Introducing AuvoID - No-Code Organization Identity Management for the Future!

Introducing AuvoID - No-Code Organization Identity Management for the Future!

AuvoDigital (Estonia) in collaboration with Tangle Labs UG (Germany) are set to launch the future of Organization Identity Management and Digital Credentialing with the upcoming AuvoID Organization Identity Management Platform. Offering scalable, no-code verifiable identity and credential management for organizations that need to leapfrog their business into the future, without the costly research and development.

AuvoID offers an easy-to-integrate, no-code solution that follows global standards and regulatory frameworks, to keep any Organization, Institution, or Business up-to-speed with their identity and digital credentialing requirements.

  • No-Code team identity management and user access.
  • Domain verified Organization Identity.
  • Custom digital verifiable credential templating.
  • Modular solutions specific to industry use cases, such as Education, Cross-Border Trade, Transport & Travel, Event Ticketing, User Access, etc.
  • Usage based deployments that scale with organization requirements.
  • Built using international standards and regulatory frameworks for maximum interoperability, such as eIDAS 2.0, W3C, OpenID, DIF, ISO, etc.
  • Industry agnostic design to support horizontal scaling of organization activities in HR, Finance, Education, Workforce, Social Services, Healthcare, Retail, Supply Chain, Trade, Events, Transport, etc.
  • Enterprise scalability, go from issuing 1 credential to 1million in a click of a button.

Why use AuvoID?

As an Organization, research and development put timely and costly pressure on business resources. Not having the time to build complex future identity solutions that fall in line with the latest regulatory requirements such as eIDAS 2.0 and the EUDI Wallet, is no longer an issue! AuvoID is here to make your life easier with an enterprise ready, end-to-end platform of no-code decentralised identity and verifiable credential solutions that can get you issuing credentials in minutes, not months.

No Code, No Node!

Cryptography, encrypted security, blockchain, web 3.0, mobile applications all require complex development cycles and expensive infrastructure to maintain and manage as secure solutions. With AuvoID, we do the heavy lifting. Our no-code builder allows anyone to create custom identity and credential solutions, without the requirements for extensive developer resources, infrastructure, maintenance, or timelines. Add to this our extensive network of blockchain connectors and verification systems, you don’t ever need to spin up a node or even hold a token.

Zero development, zero set-up costs, zero maintenance.


Easy-to-Use API.

Our no-code solution also comes equipped with an extensive API, allowing development teams to go that one-step further and fully customize and integrate AuvoID into any application. Providing a well-documented, simple to implement Typescript API that that allows organizations and businesses to fully integrate future identity and digital credential solutions into current systems without the extensive long-term development processes.


Issue, Hold, Verify, Revoke.

Any identity ecosystem requires numerous stakeholders and interactions, AuvoID accounts for this, covering all the bases. Instead of simply focusing on holding credentials, our solution offers no-code and API integrations for credential issuance, organization identity management, individual identity management, secure sharing of credentials, and of course easy-to-use verification and revocation tools. Allowing any use case to be built by anyone, all in the one app.


Interoperability and Conformance.

Built using global standards, widely adopted, and written into legislation around the world, such as eIDAS 2.0 and the EU Digital Identity Wallet ARF, AuvoID focuses on multiple frameworks to provide extensive interoperability, supporting multiple networks using the global standards and protocols to allow seamless communication across multiple identity ecosystems. You can see our full list here.


Extensible Validation.

Verifying a credential is cryptographically verified is one thing, validating its authenticity is another. AuvoID supports validation flows, allowing your solutions to be fully developed to the required level of verification. From multi-factor authentication, reusable ID verification, through to trust registry management, credential schema management, and revocation lists, Auvo provides the tools for any verification flow, without you having to write a single line of code.


Integrate & Automate.

As a standalone solution AuvoID is extremely powerful, but what is even more powerful is the level of integrations you can establish with your AuvoID solution. Working with integration tools such as Mendix and Zapier, AuvoID is able to easily integrate into millions of applications to establish automated interactions and flows in already established tech stacks.

AuvoID will launch for organizations to start building out their verifiable identity and credential solutions early in Q2, 2024. Sign up for early access here

About AuvoDigital

AuvoDigital is an enterprise ready verifiable identity and credential software service provider based out of Tallinn, Estonia. Specializing in eIDAS 2.0 compliant solutions in decentralized identity and verifiable credentials, and developers of the no-code AuvoID platform.

About Tangle Labs

Tangle Labs is a web 3.0 research, development, and digitalization consultancy company based in Berlin, Germany. Contributors to global standards and frameworks, partners in the UNESCO lifelong learning project NGDIL, and developers of the Vira Identity Wallet.